The iPad POS system for your business

Barber shop, florist, retail or kiosk at the corner - we have designed our Tillhub iPad POS system with great attention to detail to make your daily work easier. The modern iPad POS system helps you in having both an innovative appearance and a better overview in the daily business routine. Clever features for payment transactions, inventory management and employee management take over the work for you. At the same time, it is 100% GDPdU / GoBD-compliant, so you can sit back and relax.

GoBD compliant 2019
Easy operation

Easy operation

Your employees do not need to be technically affine in order to operate the iPad POS system. We have developed it in a way such that everybody can work with it intuitively.

Suitable for every industry

Suitable for every industry

Our Tillhub iPad POS system works across all disciplines and can be customized for each industry: from retailers to hairdressers, florists, craftsmen, food trucks and small kiosks.

Data stored in the cloud

Data stored in the cloud

Our iPad POS system gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on what is happening in the store even when you cannot be present. All data is securely saved in a cloud and constantly synchronized, so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime.


iPad POS systems:
That makes us a perfect business partner

  • latest technologies that are easy to use
  • 360° mobile POS system for all your daily needs
  • passionate customer service from real people with heart
  • iPad POS system works 100% GDPdU / GoBD compliant
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iPad POS system for a modern appearance at the Point-of-Sale

In times when everything is becoming more digital, your customers expect advanced technology in their business. With a touch screen POS system you make a professional impression and at the same time have helpful features that improve your customer service. The best thing is: With our Tillhub iPad POS system nothing can get lost, because annoying paperwork is a thing of the past. In the future, you'll have all sales figures synchronized at a glance within a cloud that you can retrieve, anytime, anywhere. The only thing you need is an existing internet connection. But do not worry, our iPad POS system system also works offline so that you can continue to cash in on an internet outage without any problems. Sounds good, right?

All features one could ask for in a single iPad POS system

Our iPad POS system is tailored to your daily needs and knows exactly what it can help you with. The POS system offers the possibility to create different profiles with different access rights for your employees individually. This way, you can precisely track which employees make how many sales with the iPad POS system. In addition, our mobile POS system is the perfect partner for your inventory management: Thanks to product profiles, you always have an overview of your goods and can strategically plan your purchases.

100% law compliant iOS POS system: No worries about finances

As an entrepreneur, you want to be on the safe side when it comes to complying with the law. Sometimes that's not so easy when you think about the current jungle of law. Therefore, our Apple POS system thinks for you by working 100% GDPdU / GoBD-compliant. Should the tax office or the tax auditor knock on the door, you do not have to worry, because with just one click, all the necessary data is exported.

The Tillhub iPad POS systems with automatic updates

Because we know how quickly legislative changes can be introduced, our iPad POS will automatically send you regular updates. This way, you do not forget any important innovations and are always up to date. As a self-employed you already have to deal with enough issues, so we do not want to make your life even more difficult with system updates.

The right hardware for your industry: iPad POS system with attachments

Our iPad POS system runs under the iOS operating system on commercially available Apple iPads. This allows you to access your personal dashboard from anywhere using a web browser. In addition, you can expand your small mobile POS system with a lot of attachments: receipt printers, barcode scanners, label printers or card terminals, for example, to accept card payments and customize your POS system with components that your business requires in particular.

More time for good service and conversations with our POS system

With our Tillhub iPad POS system, there will be more time for individual customer discussions in the future, because the billing process happens by itself and runs alongside. So you no longer have to worry about paperwork, but can pay more attention to your customers. This increases your service quality and leads to better sales figures. In addition, with the iPad POS system fewer mistakes happen that you have to iron out afterwards.

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