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Every CEO knows: Running a successful business can be very difficult. Thus, it is essential to have a reliable partner: your POS system. Our touch POS system can be this reliable partner for you. Thanks to touchscreen technology, the touch POS system is very intuitive to use and cashing up is a breeze. Consequently, you will have more time for more important things in your daily life.


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A modern touch POS system- for more professionalism

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Your success is one touch away

Our touch POS software will not only impress yourself through increased productivity, but it will also convey a professional and efficient impression to your customers. Our touch POS system is also suited for mobile deployment.

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Flexible payment options

An innovative POS system with touchscreen enables manyfold payment options. Next to payements in cash, your customers can also pay with EC and credit card, which you can carry out flexibly on your touch monitor. Be as efficient as your customers and convince them with progress.

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Innovation with safety

Our touch POS system cannot only support you in stressful situations, but also legally secure your business to 100%. This is why we have designed the touch POS system 100% GoBD-compliant. And if the law will be changed again? No worries, simply update your App in the App Store.

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Combine efficiency and service

We have designed a mobile touch POS system, so that you can move freely through your sales area. That way, you can effortlessly combine efficiency with service. Check your inventory right on your device without losing time and cash up products right on your customers. Thanks to your iPad and offline functionality, you can also use the touch POS system at markets or fairs.

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No compromises in equipment

Our toch POS system is not only mobile, it can also be integrated into your existing system landscape. Tillhub can be easily connected to inventory management programs, online shops, appointment schedulers, or fully fledged ERP systems.

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The cloud is one touch away

The most disturbing part of the management is the bookkeeping - nevertheless elementary for the preservation of your enterprise. To make it easier for you in everyday life, our POS system resides in the cloud. All documents and sales can be inspected with one touch. Additional plus: With the touch POS system, you can access your sales data anytime, anywhere in the world.

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Organize inventory management via touchscreen

With the touchscreen POS system, you can keep an eye on your entire inventory management. Where are your products? With our touchscreen software, you always have access to product profiles and sales histories. That way, you never lose the perspective.

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Strong support by experts

Our trusted support team works 7 days a week to help our valued customers and to stand side by side with real expertise and advice.

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Inspiration for your business

In our blog, we regularly write down what concerns you as an entrepreneur. Let us inspire you with ideas, tricks and interesting facts about your business.

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