Why Tillhub?

5 reasons why Tillhub is the right iPad POS system for you!

Simple Tech

Experience and innovation combined

With strong partners like Seithe & Partner, we can rely on over 20 years of industry experience at the Point-of-Sale. In order to offer our customers the best possible POS system, Tillhub combines decades of market experience with innovative ideas of the digital age. We are driving the evolution of the mobile and cloud-based POS system and see ourselves as experts in our field.

Sugar Company

“We received a tailor-made POS system from Tillhub, which covers all our business processes and is always up to date.”

Alexandra Miled, CEO of the waxing studios “Sugar Company”

Insights with only one click

Get away from the office and the sales room. Tillhub gives you the freedom and independence to be in your shop even though you are somewhere else. With our cloud access to your dashboard, you can always track all transactions live, pull statistics and export reports. If the internet fails, you will be able to keep operating your business as Tillhub works offline. We are creating a modern form of retailing - online and mobile.


“As founders, we travel a lot - Tillhub gives us the opportunity to access the live numbers of our business while on the move.”

Manuela Apitzsch, Founder and CEO of Mabyen Babyspa

Simple Tech

An all-around talent for all of your concerns

Tillhub is not only a simple POS system, but always thinks for you to make your daily work easier. It offers an ideal combination of digital cash book, inventory management and classic cash register functions. On top of that, we offer an online shop API, so that you can sell your products online as well. This way, you have all of your business processes in one program and you can use your time effectifely in order to increase sales.

Owner of Stiegler and Behrendt

“I enjoy working with Tillhub’s digital POS system. The intuitive operation speeds up the billing process. Even managing gift cards is not a problem. “

Ingrid Nitz-Grünwedel, Owner of Stiegler and Behrendt

Scale your business easily

With Tillhub you can and should grow easily, because we want to see you at the top. Our software is designed so that you can quickly and easily add new products and stores. Whether new employees, discounts or payment methods, with just a few clicks you have customized individual needs in your user account - without any installation problems or extra costs. We’re always busy developing new features that make your life easier.

Stoff im Pott

“Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the bookkeeping is done by itself!”

Claudia Moch, CEO of “Stoff im Pott”


Customer supported by real people

At Tilhub, you won’t be waiting in a robot waiting loop when you need our support but you will talk with real people instead who know your needs and take them seriously. After all, we want to support you in ensuring that you are successful in your business. That’s why our customer service from Berlin is available to you 7 days a week, so you can always count on professional support.

Jazz Dreams Berlin

„Tillhub - if you want it easy and uncomplicated. It makes the payment process enjoyable!“

Peter Durek, CEO of Jazz Dreams Berlin

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