Tillhub: The Cloud POS system
for all industries


Tillhub - The smart All-in-One POS system for all industries

Tillhub’s scalable and highly flexible cloud-based point-of-sale system offers solutions for small and medium sized businesses as well as for large sized companies, enterprises, chain stores and franchises.

100% legally compliant at all times, premium customer service and expert features for any industry makes Tillhub the ideal partner for any business.

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Why is the Tillhub POS system perfect for your business?

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    Easy to set up - easy to use.
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    Adapts to the requirements of your business
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    Easy digital accounting.
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    Smart inventory control.
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    Real time reports at any time from anywhere.
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    Over 50 statistics for optimizing your sales.
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    All of the data is stored securely in our cloud.
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    Premium customer support located in Berlin.

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Why you’re gonna love the Tillhub All-in-One POS system

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Accept all payment methods

Cash, credit card or mobile pay: be flexible and accept all payment methods with the Tillhub point of sale system. We are partnering with one of the biggest payment experts in Europe Unzer to make sure, you receive the best options for the individual needs of your business when it comes to payment solutions.

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100% legally compliant

With Tillhub you are always legally compliant - now and in the future. You never have to worry again about not being legally compliant anymore because thanks to the automated updates, your POS-System will always be up to date and compliant with the latest laws in Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland and several other countries.

Icon - Tillhub supports English and German languages fully

POS supports English and German languages fully

All of our software products are available in English and German languages. Switch your language preferences with one click if needed. Other languages can be added on request.

Icon - Tillhub: Software & hardware from one source

Software and hardware from one source

Tillhub is not only offering the Tillhub Retail, Tillhub Gastro or Tillhub Service POS solutions plus additional apps like Livehub and Orderpro, we also offer hardware such as iPads, iPad stands, receipt printers, barcode scanners and much more at the lowest possible cost.

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Handle complex transactions easily

Split payments and discounts are easily manageable with Tillhub. Voucher and customer reward systems are already integrated and custom solutions are always possible, too.

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Role and Rights management for your employees

Our All-in-One POS systems contain extensive role and rights management which makes it easy for you to assign different access rights to individual employees.

Alle Funktionen

Tillhub Retail - the cloud POS system for retailers

Tillhub Retail is a cloud based POS system which was especially created for the retail industry. A lot of useful and innovative features will help you to improve your business. Next to an integrated stock and inventory control system we have many smart functions like an extensive a customer retention management function, built-in voucher systems and automated sales statistics.

Tillhub Gastro - with gastronomy expert functions

The IOS-based All-in-One point of sale system has, besides all standard POS functions, additional gastronomy expert functions like a room and table plan, a happy hour function, composed products and the to-go-function, which makes it easy to keep the overview of the different VATs applying in the food service industry.

100% finanzamtkonforme IOS Kasse - immer aktuell
Die Tillhub iPad Kassensysteme mit automatischen Updates

Tillhub Service - the mobile POS for the service industry

The iOS based All-in-One point of sale system for the service industry offers far more than just classical cashier and payment functions. It helps you with your day to day company tasks, for example with an integrated appointment booking function, a customer management function, several statistics to analyse your sales and it even works offline.

POS Go - Smart. Flexible. Compact. The All-in-one mobile POS system

Discover POS Go, the smart android-based cloud Point of Sale system, which combines 4 devices in one: a full-featured Tillhub POS system, a credit card terminal, a barcode scanner and a receipt printer all in one!

The new generation of POS systems offers a 360° digital business management experience paired with innovative payment solutions for the best customer experience and a maximum increase of sales.

POS Go - die All-in-One Minikasse von Tillhub
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We bring visionaries and doers together to revolutionize an entire industry and create a new type of POS system. It’s no picnic, but we firmly believe that we can create a product with enthusiasm to drive digitalization forward to make our customers' lives easier. We are always looking forward to meet motivated new colleagues!

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In order to offer our customers the best possible POS systems, we at Tillhub combine over 25 years of market experience with the innovative ideas of the digital age and meanwhile having a startup mindset. We are driving the evolution of mobile and cloud based POS systems. Do you want to be part of our journey?

FAQ Tillhub POS systems

Frequently asked questions

Which industries are the Tillhub point of sale systems suitable for?

The Tillhub point of sale systems are suitable for all branches of industries. With our products Tillhub Retail, Tillhub Service, Tillhub Gastro, POS Go and our additional Apps like Orderpro and Livehub we have the ideal All-in-One POS system for all industries.

What are the key functionalities of the Tillhub point of sale systems?

The Tillhub point of sale systems are All-in-One point of sale systems, that means next to classic cash register functions, they offer a lot of intelligent and innovative features, which will help you to organize all your business tasks from accounting to employer management and much more:

Our POS systems combine the following functionalities and features:

  • accepting all payment methods (cash, credit cards, mobile payments)
  • a digital cash book
  • inventory management
  • automated statistics
  • extensive rights and role management for your employees
  • DATEV exporting function for your tax consultant
  • online shop integration available
  • the Tillhub additional Livehub App to use a second customer faced display

Are the Tillhub POS systems also available in English languages?

The Tillhub point of sale systems are in English and German languages available. You can switch your language preferences with one click if needed. Other languages can be added on request.

In which countries are the Tillhub POS systems legally compliant?

The Tillhub POS systems are legally compliant with the laws of Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland and several other countries. The POS systems are GoBD- and KassenSichV-compliant and you can buy them with a cloud or offline TSE (which is needed for POS systems in Germany). Feel free to ask our POS experts if you have any questions.

Since the Tillhub POS systems are cloud based systems, where is my data stored?

Your data security has the highest priority for us. Therefore your data is saved with double redundancy and GDPR-compliant on German servers.